2/12/19 We have now made custom foam inserts available, see our Custom Foam Insert page to enquire. Stock of the B4 Upholstery Kits is now available.

DIY Upholstery Kits Added!

Check out the Osborne B4 DIY Upholstery Kit! Perfect for getting yourself setup with all the right tools and equipment for all of your DIY Upholstery jobs. The B4 kit includes:
  • OSB 1011 Magnetic Tack Hammer – One magnetic end for picking up tacks, non-magnetic end for hammering into furniture frame. (similar to the OSB111)
  • OSB 255 Webbing Stretcher – Rubber tread grip to pull webbing tightly across frames.
  • OSB 146 Tack Claw – V-shaped notch for prying out tacks.
  • 6″ Single Round Point Needle – For general sewing and attaching buttons.
  • 3″ & 4″ Curved Round Point Needles – For blind stitching fabric, and fastening layers to each other.
  • Osborne Instruction Booklet – Includes many useful tips and tricks for DIY Upholsterers, including yardage information.
Best of all, at only $79.20 the B4 Kit offers amazing value! Get yours before we sell out of our limited stock.

Upholstery Fabric and Materials added

We have added a range of fabrics and materials to our online store. From Quilting material, to calico (black or natural color) and dust cover, we have all the materials available for your DIY upholstery needs! You can see them all in our Upholstery Fabrics and Materials section.Upholstery Fabric Supplies Here are some videos on how to use the various materials on offers, such as:   Save Save Save Save
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