Hourglass Springs

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Hourglass upholstery springs.

Suitable for various applications, including dining and lounge chair re-upholstery.

* The lower the gauge, the heavier/thicker the spring is.

9 or 10 gauge for seats is recommended.


Available Size/Gauge

4 X 10G
4 X 11G
5 X 10G
5 X 11G
6 X 9G
6 X 10G
6 X 11G
7 X 9G
7 X 10G
7 X 11G
8 X 10G
8 X 9G
9 X 10G
9 X 9G
10 X 10G
10 X 9G

Can be tied down with Heavy Jute Twine, or All Purpose Butchers Twine.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 5 x 5 x 10 cm
Height / Gauge

4x10g, 4x11g, 5x10g, 5x11g, 6x9g, 6x10g, 6x11g, 7 x 9g, 7x10g, 7x11g, 8x9g, 8x10g, 9x9g, 9x10g, 10x9g, 10x10g